How CBD Can Improve Athletic Performance

The benefits of CBD for athletes: Reduced stress and increased performance
Cannabidiol is one of the few hundreds of chemical elements found in the cannabis plant. It is considered «the most harmless» component (compared to THC) that is contained in different products: pills, capsules, powders, herbals, oils, crèmes, and tasty gummies of all flavors. All this stuff can be easily ordered online in different specialized shops (as an example, check to have a better idea on the gummies range or elixinol cbd oil review if you prefer oil form of the drug). Right now, CBD is the only legal drug not prohibited by WADA, so athletes are making use of it to handle a number of problems.

Top benefits of CBD for athletes

The therapeutic value of cannabidiol is already well-known: it works as an efficient painkiller, healthy sleep supporter, and general anti-inflammatory tool. People can use it to fight insomnia and chronic pains and easily get the product in one of the different online shops (have a look at these two, fabcbd review and hemplucid review to compare the range of products and prices). For athletes, there are also multiple benefits, especially after it was officially removed from the list of WADA prohibited substances two years ago. So taking CBD before the competition, they hope to:
1. Lower stress level
One of the biggest benefits athletes can take of cannabidiol containing products is stress reduction. Sportspeople are always in stress when it comes to competition and trying to keep the balance between training and personal life. If not adapted, chronic stress can lead to a health breakdown, both mental and physical. CBD is the adaptogen that can make it easier: 10-20mg of the drug daily can help athletes cope with stress, enhance performance, recover faster and push themselves forward;
2. Protect the nervous system
Our nervous system is interconnected and can send signals (neurons) to any part of our organism. When you train with weights, it becomes less active, which leads to less efficient muscle compression and loss of strength. Experiencing the nervous system burnout, athletes feel weaker and require a thorough recovering process. Here comes the best friend of your nerves – CBD. It helps to synchronize the signals and balance them in order to avoid shakiness and make the nervous system more flexible;
3. Improve sleep
One of the most often noticed effects by first CBD users become changes in sleep (and namely, positive changes). It effectively fights insomnia, making it healthy, normalizing the sleeping cycle, and creating certain sleep patterns. Besides, it also lowers the level of stress hormones that may interfere with it. For athletes, sleep is a very important process as they require more time for tired muscles to recover. Just 10mg of the drug at night and you get a long, healthy sleep and more energy for future training;
4. Get muscle relaxation
After hard training, you become weaker as your muscles demand recovery. Besides a long list of benefits, CBD is also a great muscle relaxant helping the nervous system work better by impacting specific receptors, thus stilling it and making it calm down. It can also help if you have injuries, chronic pains (like pain in your knee) and problems with joints;
5. Relieve anxiety
This is probably the best-known effect of CBD. As anxiety can become a real challenge for athletic performance, so 3-10mg of CBD before the training or competition will help them calm down and focus on the task without any mental downsides.